Rohit Bhargava at Austin Marketing Association


Yesterday I was able to attend the Austin AMA lunch with Rohit Bhargava, author of *Personality Not Included (great review from Chris Brogan here) and the Influential Marketing Blog.

I have to say I was very impressed.  He followed all the rules and delivered the goods with a great presentation.  Here are a few sound bytes from his talk on “Why Personality Matters – The Untold Story of Marketing in the Social Media Era”:

Starting a blog is not the answer

You must be willing to give up control to unlock authentic stories

Learn to listen actively –  Why don’t you respond?  Where can you respond?  What is your industry saying?

Look for your accidental spokesperson – but be aware you may not have a choice (read the Coca-Cola Facebook story)

Save money on advertising by creating content that your customers want

If you have the opportunity to hear him speak I highly recomend it (I can’t believe I missed him at SXSW! The good news is he  already posted a summary of his talk here).