Advertising Is Not Marketing

Rocketwatcher had a great post last week reminding people that marketing is not SPAM.   My favorite quote from April’s article,

Spam is what happens when there is an absence of marketing.  It’s what happens when you don’t think about what customers want and don’t care about building offerings for them.  It’s what happens when you don’t care about market segments and you believe a cat, a CEO and a teenager are equally likely to click on your link.

I was reading an article on Amazon’s brand this weekend that really helps make the point that marketing is not just advertising either (though the term marketing is often used interchangeably with advertising).

The Business Week articles Amazon’s approach,

Instead of shelling out big bucks for lavish trade shows and TV and magazine ads, Amazon pours money into technology for its Web site, distribution capability, and good deals on shipping. The result: a smooth shopping experience that burnishes the company name.

If your marketing strategy is focused on your customers, your customers will rave about you.  Amazon understands its customer and knows that the best way to delight is by delivering amazing service and focusing on ease of use.  This focus has led to a sterling reputation and increased brand awareness all without spending on advertising.

Advertising can be a very effective marketing tool but it is definitely not the only tool you should pay attention too.

3 thoughts on “Advertising Is Not Marketing

  1. Hi Josh,
    Thanks for the mention. I spend a lot of time trying to explain the difference between product marketing and advertising or product marketing and PR. Perceptions are changing as companies are shrinking their budgets for traditional advertising and spending more energy around how to engage customers, but it’s progressing slower than it should be. My hope is that by the time I retire I can stop shouting “I DON’T do PR!!” at people. 🙂

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