Inspiration From Room To Read

Have you ever heard the recommendation that looking outside your industry can be great way to find inspiration?  Well, I have a great example to prove the point.

I had a chance to listen to John Wood, founder of Room to Read, last week at the Kellogg Innovating Social Change conference.  John was nothing but impressive and so is his book, “Leaving Microsoft To Change The World“.

One of the corporate principals that John carried over from Microsoft was the belief that knowing your numbers is critical for driving results.  John went a step farther and put his company metrics front and center in his communications (even adding it to his email signature).  He wanted to make sure there was no doubt about the firm’s priorities and achievements.

Here are the metrics from Room to Read captured from his book published in 2006:

200 schools built, over 2,500 bi-lingual libraries established, 1.2 million books donated, and over 1,800 girls on long term scholarships.

and here are the results on the Room to Read about us page today:

room to read stats

Hard not to be impressed with John’s approach and accomplishments (on multiple fronts).