You Have to Earn it

napalm motor sports

Philip Kottler:

Don’t buy market share.  Figure out how to earn it.

Every morning on my way to work I pass Napalm Motor Sports.  Usually, I am driving by just as the the crew assembles their product display.  They take at least 20 of their coolest looking motorbikes, scooters, and ATVs and line them up on the patio for all the cars going by.  In the afternoon, they continue to tease by firing up the smoker for BBQ.  Now, I am not a biker, but you can’t help wanting to stop and check out everything on display and grab a bite to eat.


This may not sound like much but they are at it every day, six days a weeks.  Selling bikes in this economy has to be a tough but you have to admire Napalm for working hard to earn their share.  I love seeing business that understand their customers and make unique efforts to make the experience memorable (see the Customers Rock blog for another retail example using Ikea).

I have also decided that I need a new route or I am going to end up with some brisket and a new set of wheels!