Why Cathay Pacific is a Must Fly

Last week on my flight home from Asia* I had a chance to fly on Cathay Pacific as opposed to my normal carrier, American Airlines.  The flight from Hong Kong is over 12 hours so you have a lot of time to sit and think.  Usually, there is nothing good to say after a long flight besides the fact its over.

Here are a few of the differences that I captured after this delightful flight:

  • A huge amount of leg room for coach (from a guy who is 6’4)
  • 150+ movies and TV shows to chose from, including the latest releases (usually only offered in first class)
  • A menu (passed out upon boarding) of all the flight meals and your choices
  • Real food (by far the best in-flight best meals I have ever had) served with your choice of free wine.
  • Beverage options between meals (it is usually hard to find any of the flight staff if you need water/coffee)

And to top it off, an utterly ridiculous business class section that you have to see to believe.

So after this flight I have told this story to just about anyone who would listen – the sign of a great product.  Cathay has definitely spent the time, energy, and thought to make their product talk-able (see baking it in) during a time when most airlines are cutting back on perks and charging for services that used to be free.

BTW – I am heading back to China next week and you will never guess what airline I am taking.

*Full disclosure – this was a work related flight so they did pay the bill but it was also the lowest cost, coach seat available at the time.

5 thoughts on “Why Cathay Pacific is a Must Fly

  1. From my experience, foreign carriers, especially Asian based, have forgotten more about customer service than any US carrier has ever known.

    I'm a United 1 Million Mile flier so I've been on a few flights.

  2. Giff,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I have not flown United international so that may be the case. That being said, there was no comparison between my AA flight on the way there and my Cathay flight on the way home.


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