Being Remarkable Never Goes Out of Style

I have been looking forward to reading Seth Godin’s latest book, Linchpin.  While waiting for the release, I went back and read my favorite book from Seth, Purple Cow.

Purple Cow was published in 2003, way before Facebook, Twitter, and social media became household names.  There are so many gems in this book it is hard to know where to start and the best part is that save for a couple of dated examples, Seth’s points are even more relevant today (the dated examples actually prove another of Seth’s beliefs that it is hard to maintain a remarkable position).

Seth’s thoughts on the end of mass media advertising:

After Advertising, we’re almost back where we started.  But instead of product succeeding by slow and awkward word of mouth, the power of our new networks allows remarkable ideas to diffuse through segments of the population at rock speed.

On the new rule:

Create remarkable products that the right people seek out.

and on ideas that spread:

It’s not an accident that some products catch on and some don’t.  When an ideavirus occurs, it’s often because all the viral pieces work together.

Read Purple Cow again or for a first time.   You won’t regret it.

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