ProductCamp Austin Spring 2010

If you are going to be in Austin during the month of March, make sure to check out the upcoming ProductCamp.  Here is a summary of the product camp concept:

ProductCamp is a collaborative, user organized unconference, focused on Product Marketing and Management topics. At ProductCamp everyone participates: by presenting, leading a roundtable discussion, helping with logistics, securing sponsorship, or volunteering. ProductCamp is a great opportunity for you to learn from, teach to, and network with professionals involved in the Product Management, Marketing, and Development process from the Austin area!

I had an opportunity to attend the first product camp and led a session at the second (here’s my presentation).  Both camps were filled with insightful sessions, great discussions, and wonderful people.  I highly recommend attending (you can register now) if you are interested in product management and product marketing.

I am working on a session for the next camp and have an outline started for review.  The idea behind my presentation was an event that happened about a year and a half ago.  A product I was working on was getting ready to launch and through a series of unfortunate events, was almost canceled at the last minute.

My plan is to share how we recovered from this situation and some practical ideas that you can use during product development to increase your chance of success.