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I have been a big believer that Twitter is great for business and Faceook is for keeping it personal.  This means I have spent more time paying attention to Twitter and very little to Facebook.  Facebook has been nice to share a few things with family and friends but I really have not started to engage with any of the Fan pages or businesses on the site.

I am telling you that it is now time to start paying attention to the business side of Facebook.  If you have already started to drink the Facebook Kool-Aid, now is the time to pour yourself an even bigger glass.

You may have seen stats on growth of users online (as of March 2010, it’s the most visited online site in the U.S.) and stats about time spent online (over 7hrs+ a month).  However, it is stats like 82 million users playing Farmville and 25 million wannabe Mafia dons that may lead you to believe it is all fun and games.

It is these stats from Facebook that make me believe that marketers are starting to take Fan Pages seriously and users are responding:

  • More than 3 million active Pages on Facebook
  • More than 20 million people become fans of Pages each day
  • Pages have created more than 5.3 billion fans

If this is not enough to get your attention, check out Dallas Lawrence’s Social Media Parable post on Mashable.  Dallas writes,

Viewed simply, the cheese moved again this month –- and just as intelligent companies adapted their marketing and communications models for the advent of GoogleGoogle over the last decade, Facebook’s dominance has forced another “change or become extinct” moment. To thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace, corporate communicators must understand that the shift now underway is just as powerful as the one that transformed Google into the modern Yellow Pages and turned a Silicon Valley start-up into a $200 billion everyday necessity.

So, what am I doing to play catch-up?  I am becoming a super fan.

I am on the look out for brands on Facebook that are working to engage with their customers.  What better way to learn and understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building a good Facebook marketing plan.

On that note, if you missed the BrandBuilder blog’s excellent post on what happened between Greenpeace and Nestle on Facebook it is a must read on what not to do.  Also, check out out how Zappos is handling a recent issue with negative comments on their fan page and Simon Salt’s assessment of Hoover and lazy Facebook marketing.

Looking for a good place to start finding Pages?  Check out KBuzz’s top 40 Facebook pages and PageData’s leader board for starters and go from there.

Once you find the good ones, pass them along!

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