Product Camp Austin Recap

Sorry to say it, but if you missed last week’s Product Camp Austin, you missed a great conference. Where else can you see the likes of Tom Grant, Jon Gatrell, Paul Young, Bertrand HazardVicki Flaugher, Tom Evans, Scott Sehlhorst, Kevin Koym, Jose Briones, and many more talk about marketing, product development, and social media (ALL FOR FREE!).

The good news is a lot of the presentations are now on the ProductCamp Austin Slideshare group site and there will be another camp this year in early August.

Yours truly also presented this year on the topic of building your product story from the start of development.   I am attaching my slides below but without the audio, it doesn’t tell you much as a stand alone document.  My session was recorded so I will post a link once it is online to provide more context.

I had to leave before the last session was over so I didn’t get a chance to thank everyone that voted for me as the Best Presenter.  I was a worried at the start of the day that my presentation would not make the agenda so I am extremely honored to have won the award.  Many, many thanks!

ProductCamp Austin Spring 2010 – Start with the Story

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If you did make ProductCamp and attended Paul Young’s session on his new project Le.Af, please visit his blog and let him know your thoughts.  Paul is one of the strongest product managers I know and a great guy that has been instrumental in making ProductCamp Austin a success but in this case, I think he is wrong.  I personally don’t believe he crossed the line into a pitch session and for those that did, his apology should be more than enough to address (note – his session was packed and very few people chose to use the two feet rule and move to another session).  If you agree (or disagree) take a minute and leave a comment on his blog to let him know.  Thanks!