Making Pricing A Strategic Priority

This week’s Wall Street Journal contained an excellent article on the subject of pricing strategy that I highly recommend reading.  The main point of the article is that most companies are going to achieve better results by competing on performance not price. Figuring out how to do this is the tricky part.  Your ability to charge a premium is directly correlated to your ability to improve your product in ways that your customer finds meaningful (seeking a high fidelity position). The article discusses how a global chemical company evaluated which products they could develop using a  performance pricing strategy: To be considered for performance pricing, an offering had to … Continue reading Making Pricing A Strategic Priority

How Authentic is Your Burrito?

John Furgurson has a insightful post on the Brand Insight Blog on being an authentic brand.  I like how John works to clarify why authenticity is so important and such a challenge.  John comments, I think the general public believes that marketing — by definition— is not authentic. Guilty until proven innocent!  And if someone sniffs even a hint of corporate BS they’ll blog about it, post negative reviews and announce it to all 7,694 Facebook Friends. John continues, Being authentic means staying focused and saying no once in a while. The more you diversify, extend your product line or tackle … Continue reading How Authentic is Your Burrito?

Favorite Product Management Posts April 2010

Startup Musings – On-line surveys: There are certain pieces of data that cannot be efficiently or effectively collected with qualitative research, either due to the sample size required to get a trustworthy answer, or because qualitative techniques introduce an unacceptable risk of observation bias in emotionally charged questions. I’m Not Actually A Geek – Three Models for Applying Customer Feedback to Innovation: The challenge is to go deeper on what the customers are requesting. This is where customer feedback is not the final answer. Rather, it’s an important clue as to what “job” your customers are hiring for. AIPMM – … Continue reading Favorite Product Management Posts April 2010