Favorite Product Management Posts April 2010

Startup Musings – On-line surveys:

There are certain pieces of data that cannot be efficiently or effectively collected with qualitative research, either due to the sample size required to get a trustworthy answer, or because qualitative techniques introduce an unacceptable risk of observation bias in emotionally charged questions.

I’m Not Actually A Geek – Three Models for Applying Customer Feedback to Innovation:

The challenge is to go deeper on what the customers are requesting. This is where customer feedback is not the final answer. Rather, it’s an important clue as to what “job” your customers are hiring for.

AIPMM – A Brush With Fame – Consumers Are Eager to Participate in Brand & Market Research:

Surprisingly, compensation is not necessarily the reason many people opt to participate in these types of market research studies. The fact of the matter is people want a voice. They want to feel important and are excited that an important market research company values their opinions and thoughts.

Software Product Manager – Friction points – Why customers don’t buy from you

As product managers, it is important for us to realize that unless we reduce our customer’s friction points of doing business with us, we are not going to be successful. And the friction points may not always be related to the product, but it maybe within the ecosystem of your product – whether it is customer support, documentation, order management, sales support etc.

The Accidental Product Manager – Let’s Go Job Shopping: What A Product Manager Needs To Have On Their Resume:

In this age of Internet everything, product managers might think that all that it will take to get their next job is to have an account on every social networking site out there. It turns out that the old standby, your resume, is still an important communication tool.

Spatially Relevant – The expectations of one social buyer…:

I can’t say enough good things about the stuff I bought from eBags, the initial buying process online and the flawless fulfillment, but I definitely have a little bit of an issue with how many emails they have sent me in the last month or so.

Jenni Lloyd – Relevance to resonance – the rebirth of the storyteller:

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