Delighters Don’t Have An Asterix After Them

Requirements are your bread and butter – the minimum features required for a relevant product.  Delighters are a surprise, like a free appetizer at dinner, or something new that stands out.

Delighters make your customers happy and happy customers love sharing their happiness with others.

However, if the benefit of the feature isn’t clear or you have to explain with fine print, it’s not a delighter.  Delighters don’t have an asterisk after them.

David Pogue’s review of the Sprint EVO 4G is a great example of what not to do when trying to delight.  If you are not familiar with the EVO phone, Sprint has put together a nice splash page that highlights the phone’s ground breaking features.

David starts the review strong with a great opening,

What makes the Evo seem even more spectacular are all the firsts and bests.  For example, the Evo has an enormous 4.3-inch touch screen that dwarfs those of most phones. You can turn the Evo into a pocket Wi-Fi hot spot, so up to eight people can get online with their laptops. The 8-megapixel camera has dual LED flashes and records hi-def video.

He doesn’t get much farther before taking the phone off a cliff,

Unfortunately, these groundbreaking features come with enough fine print to give the White Pages an inferiority complex.

If you have a feature that is cutting edge, customers will forgive some hiccups.  However, when the entire story you are selling end up being half baked, don’t be surprised by a mountain of bad press.

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6 thoughts on “Delighters Don’t Have An Asterix After Them

  1. Another 'what is a delighter' thought – delighters are _disruptive_ to your market. You're raising the bar for everyone else when you introduce a delighter. You create a temporary competitive advantage – temporary because by addressing an unanticipated need (or creating a previously unrealized solution), you put it on your competitor's radar.

    The high resolution of the Moto Droid got Apple's attention. Ford's Sync will surely have a lot of competitors soon. McDonald's value meals are “everywhere” now.

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