August is A Great Time For Camp – The ProductCamp Challenge

ProductCamp Austin is back and is on a record breaking mission.  The audacious goal is over 500 participants at the August camp talking about product management, marketing, sales, and development.  Here is the ProductCamp pitch:

ProductCamp Austin is back, growing, and we need your help! For the 5th ProductCamp in Austin, to be held on August 7th at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center, we are planning on hosting the largest ever ProductCamp with over 500 participants.   What’s great about ProductCamp? ProductCamp is a unique opportunity to learn from, teach to, and network with professionals involved in the Product Management, Marketing, Sales, and Development process from the Austin area! This experience is conducive to excellent one-on-one dialogue that is informative for attendees, presenters and sponsors.  You will walk away more educated and better connected than you ever would have been electronically. You cannot replace face-to-face.  Register today!

Here is what Forrester is saying:

ProductCamp Austin wiki, features links to a number of posts people have written about the event in the past.  These should provide you plenty of inspiration!

I will be going to camp in August, are you?  I am planning on presenting a session again and will be posting a draft agenda here.  Look forward to seeing you there.

BTW – no bug spray or tent required at this Camp.  Just bring your ideas and experiences to share.

Picture Credit:  Flickr