Random Reading – A Holiday Recap

Thanks to Mitch Joel for recomending Sir Ken Robinson’s talk at TED, Bring on the learning Revolution.  A few great quotes from the video that I highly recommend watching:

It’s very hard to know what it is we take for granted.  And the reason is, you take it for granted.

Life is not linear – it’s organic.

College does not begin in Kindergarten.

If you are doing something you love, an hour feels like five minutes.

If you are in the mood for a fun TED talk, check out Hillel Cooperman’s six minute talk, Legos for grownups.

For those of you still confused by the world cup, here is John Cleese’s take on the difference between Soccer and Football.

I thought HBR’s Why Friends Matter at Work and in Life offered some great words of wisdom,

The happy truth is that the people who say they’re not here to make friends don’t win. That’s true for reality TV. It’s true for business. And it’s true for life.

And on that note, hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and are having an excellent summer!