Almost Time For Product Camp

Product Camp Austin is tomorrow and it is going to be a full house with 600 registrants.  I have been working on a session with Bertrand Hazard, VP of Product Marketing at Troux Technologies, on Product Marketing.  Here is the session outline:

How to be a Product Marketing Genius, Ninja, Guru, Rock Star, Wizard, [Insert Buzz Word Here] (Session #PE521)

There has never been a more rewarding, yet challenging time for Product Marketers to engage with customers. The social media world has opened a new land of opportunities to tell your story. The question however is where one should focus its efforts given limited time/resources to be the most effective? Led by two Product Marketing practitioners, this Town Hall discussion, will focus on the what’s working today and what to look for in the future. The presenters will give examples from the industry and their experience while highly encouraging audience participation.

We are planning for a lively discussion around product marketing and have some great examples to share plus a few surprises.  Hope to see you there!

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