IKEA’s Missing Parts

IKEA Missing Parts

If you have ever put together a piece of furniture from IKEA, you know that there is usually a giant bag of parts to go along with the giant instruction book.

The second to last thing you want to have happen is to make it to step 93 of 95 and find you are missing a critical part.  The last thing you want to have happen is to have to wait for the missing part to be shipped to you.

The picture above is of a giant bin of spare parts that IKEA has set-up so you can find that missing pieces yourself if there is a problem.  Smart thinking by IKEA, right?

Event smarter,  the bin is located right next to the furniture pick-up section so it’s really hard to miss when you leave the store with your purchase.  What a great way to turn around a bad experience that could be even worse.

I think this is a great example on the important of customer awareness. Helping mitigate a frustrating customer experience only works if the customers knows where to find the help.

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