The 2 W’s of Product Development

Over at the BusinessWeek blog, Steve McKee wants you to make sure that when it comes to marketing planning, you have the full story before you go to market.

Steve recommends that marketers should focus on the “why, who, what, where, and when” and in that order for building their strategy. While the article is directed at outbound marketing, its message is equally poignant for product planning

When it comes to new product development, start with the “Why and the Who” before working on the “What“.

  • Why should we develop a new product (pain points)?
  • Why is this opportunity interesting?
  • Who is this the primary user of this product?
  • How are they solving this problem now and why isn’t that good enough?

Now that you have this information, work on the “What” (the new product).

It sounds like a simple approach but it will help avoid the dreaded “solution looking for a problem” product. And as an added bonus, get this done up front and it will really help your outbound marketing.

4 thoughts on “The 2 W’s of Product Development

  1. So simple yet so foreign (it seems) to so many people. Never underestimate the power of “why should they care?”!!

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