What Product Marketers Can Learn From A Day At The Spa?

I can’t say enough how excited to be able to share this guest post with you from Bertrand Hazard.  Bertrand has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing products and a natural instinct when it comes to delivering a successful customer experience. I got to know Bertrand through ProductCamp Austin and have really appreciated all the knowledge he has shared.  Enjoy the post!

What Product Marketers Can Learn From A Day At The Spa?

Small details matter.

A few weeks ago, I took my wife for her birthday to Spa Reveil. We had a blast. From the moment we walked in, we felt that we were their only customers. Every sequence in our spa experience was perfectly organized and time flew by as we enjoyed the treatment.

For the product marketer that I am, it also reminded me how important all the little details that surround your product are. In the case of Spa Reveil, the relaxing décor and music as we prepped for our bath, the choice of oil flavor for our massage, the little chocolates that accompanied our hot drinks.

The point here is that these small details are what made this spa experience a memorable day. Not the massage.  Too often, we tend focus on the product and forget that for customers it’s what they experience that matters. Their first visit to your website, the first interaction with your sales team, the welcome on board email once they’ve signed up, the quick response from the support team as they roll out the product, the online and offline discussions with their peers as they compare notes and look for tips and pitfalls to avoid.

When you think about your product, you need to think of that ‘whole product experience’ and as a product marketer you need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Write your messaging with their concerns in mind, not your product features; enable your sales team with some sales consumable deliverables that speak to your customers’ needs; review and enhance the on-board process for new customers with little details that will re-assure them that they’ve made the right choice; provide them with a user community environment and clear implementation success plan for them to quickly show internally the benefits they are able to generate with your product; and so on.

Ultimately if you take a maniacal approach to your customers’ success, you will sell faster and more often. Not just because your product is solving their needs, but because they will remember you as a trusty and responsive partner.

What little details have you implemented lately for your customers?

About the author:  Bertrand Hazard is VP of Product Marketing for an enterprise software vendor and an active board adviser for ProductCamp Austin. You can follow Bertrand on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/productmarketer

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