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Update: I have just published my 2012 Product Marketing Blogs list – check here

I have always enjoyed learning and exploring new ideas.

However and for quite a long time, I have found it quite hard to find a lot of good reading materials  related to the field of Product Marketing. Then came the world of blogs giving all of us access to some excellent experts who are freely sharing their thoughts on a wide range of insightful topics.

Here are my Fab 5 Product Marketing Blogs (in no specific order):

  • Jon Gatrell – Jon continuously provides some great insights on topics ranging from Product Management to Marketing. I have become a big fan of his recent Marketing is in the middle series. Jon also does a great job at passing along some really good materials. For example this excellent recap on content strategy.
  • Seth Godin– Well, who needs to introduce Seth? I have now gotten into the habit of reading his short but very unique daily post over coffee. Who knew he would make me want to learn more about Jack LaLanne.
  • Chris Brogan– When he is not trying to sell you one of his new projects, Chris provides some insightful posts on Marketing in the social age. What I most enjoy about Chris however is the human touch he brings into his posts. Chris is real. In life and on his blog.
  • April Dunford – April is a rising star in the world of Product Marketing. Her posts always have a lot of depth and are very relevant to any marketers whether working for a start up or a larger organization. If you want to hear April in action, I encourage you to attend this upcoming webinar.
  • Dave Daniels – An instructor for Pragmatic Marketing, Dave is another great resource for B2B Product Marketers. In particular I encourage everyone in a Product Marketing function and/ or with Product Marketing responsibilities to find out in which of the ‘4 Product Marketing Habitats’ you live in. A worthwhile exercise that will save you a lot of time.

Ultimately your list of favorite blogs and bloggers will differ based on 1) what you want to learn about 2) those who will help you to make a difference in your job, and 3) the writing style of the authors.

I am always looking for more inspiration. Who are your Fab 5?

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17 thoughts on “Fab 5 Product Marketing Blogs

  1. Great post Bertrand – I love hearing about people’s favorite marketing blog since there is always a new one or two to add to the list. Here are mine:nnDigital Marketers:nn1. Mitch Joel – covers all aspects of marketing and puts on one of the best marketing podcasts out there – http://www.twistimage.com/blog/archives/the-life-and-times-of-a-digital-marketing-strategy/nn2. Mark Schafer – covers marketing and social media plus is a fantastic blogger to learn from – http://www.businessesgrow.com/2011/01/28/linkedin-just-turned-you-into-a-butterfly/nnProduct Marketing Focus:nn3. The Product Marketing Blog – Steve Johnson’s mussing on product marketing and management are full of good insights and humor – http://www.productmarketing.com/2011/01/friday-fun-truth-in-avertising.htmlnn4. On Product Management – Saeed Kahn, Jim Holland, Prabhakr Gopalan, and others offer weekly insights into product management with a marketing view point – http://onproductmanagement.net/2011/01/30/product-management-lies-at-the-heart-of-innovation/nn5. The Hubspot blog – a fire-hose of product and content marketing. It is almost scary how much publishing the Hubspot team does and they cover the entire gamut of blogging, podcasts, video, ebooks, etc – http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/9030/10-Big-Marketing-Stories-That-You-Might-Have-Missed-This-Week.aspxnnand for good measure, here are some other favorites worth keeping an eye on:nn1. Tim Johnson’s It’s About Value Blog – great product message advice – http://value-prodmktg.blogspot.com/2011/01/fud-gone-wrong.htmlnn2. Jennifer Doctor’s Outside-in View – taking a view of your products from the outside looking in – http://outsideinview.com/2011/01/26/11-ways-to-influence-without-authority/nn

    1. Great additions! I’m certainly appreciative to be in the list and I’ve found a couple of new blogs to look at.nn~jon

  2. Hey, thanks for including me on this list! What great company to be with! nnI’m a big fan of blogs written by folks that are sharing practical examples and insight. I agree with a lot of the blogs on Josh’s list for that reason. nnI’m a fan of Tim Johnson’s blog because he talks a lot about his own experiences http://value-prodmktg.blogspot.com/ . I’m reading a lot about content marketing these days to in addition to the Hubspot guys, I’m also reading the Content Marketing Institute’s blog http://www.contentmarketinginstitute.com/blog/n, the Junta42 blog by Joe Pulizzi http://blog.junta42.com/ and I’m a big fan of The Savvy B2B Marketing blog http://www.savvyb2bmarketing.com/blog .nnThe Savvy B2B folks have GREAT twitter streams for B2B marketers, particularly Michelle Linn http://twitter.com/michelelinn and Stephanie Tilton http://twitter.com/StephanieTiltonnnApriln

    1. April, nnThanks. I am really looking forward to exploring the Sawy B2B Marketing blog. At a quick glance it looks like another great resource for Product Marketers.nnnBertrand

  3. So grateful to be mentioned by other commenters here.nnI read most of what you list as well as what April and Joshua list. nnTo add in the Product Management view, I also read Dr. Jim Anderson’s The Accidental Product Manager http://www.theaccidentalpm.com, Stewart Rogers Strategic Product Manager http://www.strategicproductmanager.com/ and anything by Jim Holland The PM Tribe http://pmtribe.wordpress.com/nnTo keep an executive view of things, I also read Fred Wilson http://www.avc.com and Steve Blank http://www.steveblank.comn

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