Starting Off 2011 – Welcome Bertrand Hazard

A bit over two years ago, I started this blog to capture my efforts for a side project. The project didn’t go anywhere but the blog has managed to survive and has turned into a project of its own that I can honestly say has been a lot of fun.

Over the holidays I spent some time reviewing the blog and trying to determine what to do and what not to do in 2011. I decided that I really was starting to enjoy writing and wanted to keep the blog going and maybe even spend some more of my (limited) cycles trying to make it work.

To help on that end, the big news for 2011 is that Bertrand Hazard has agreed to join on as a founding editor and contributor. I met Bertrand through ProductCamp Austin and we spoke at the last event together on the topic of Product Marketing.

Bertrand has a lot of experience in marketing products (see About) and is a natural blogger (you can see from his first guest post). I am positive that working with Bertrand is not only going to be a lot of fun but also full of marketing insights.

Looking forward to some great posts and discussions in 2011!

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