What Is Marketing? (How To Turn A Birthday Party Into A Birthday Experience)

I came across this video earlier in the week and just couldn’t resist sharing.

While meant to be taken lightly, the video does an outstanding job of illustrating marketing strategy. All it really takes is three little steps,

  1. Determine your end goal
  2. Use the best tools for the job
  3. Don’t forget the mini-pony

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “What Is Marketing? (How To Turn A Birthday Party Into A Birthday Experience)

  1. Josh … that’s brilliant. It’s a great reminder that many times, we marketers, over-complicate what we do. This sums up solid marketing strategy. My question is, what’s the real world marketing magic equivalent of the mini-pony?

    1. John,nnThanks for the comment and the excellent question.nnAs far as the real world mini-pony, if you just look at building and executing a marketing strategy (which by itself is a tremendous challenge) your efforts can be copied and emulated by others. nnTo really stand out, you have to do something above the ordinary. To use a quote, from Different by Youngme Moon (which I have heard is a phenomenal book – http://brandautopsy.typepad.com/brandautopsy/2010/12/2010-novel-piece-prize-in-marketing-luminance.html)nn”This is what reverse brands do: They take away what we expect, but then give us what we donu2019t. They say no where others say yes, but they also say yes where others say no. The result is a value proposition that feels almost u201cinside-outu201d to us.”nnLooking forward to hearing your thoughts.nnThanks,nnJoshn

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