Parting Thoughts – My Last Product

I can’t resist posting this. Sorry, but I just can’t.

There is common analogy that product planning and development is like parenting. If you have ever spent a year or more working to bring a product to market, the analogy makes even more sense – from the ups and downs during development to the final release out into the wild, it can be an emotional journey.

Continuing the analogy, the product I was working on was the quintessential definition of a problem child. There were many occasions where everything that could go wrong did. It took a lot of sweat and patience to pull everything together and the entire village ended up pitching in to help raise this one.

I left my last employer mid-last year after planning was complete of the product but knowing that it would not launch till the end of the year. It was very hard waiting for the launch without hearing much for updates on the progress – not to mention the traditional nerves on how it will be received.

So, when the product launched in early December, I thought the team did a phenomenal job delivering on a very complicated product plan and early indicators seemed to say the market agreed. But it was this last week that I received the real treat. In the press release announcing the company earnings, the only product called out for the Consumer line of business unit was my product!

Consider me one proud parent.

Here’s a peak at the latest commercial for the product:



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