Product Leadership with Jim Holland

If you are follow any of the main product management blogs or groups on Twitter, than odds are you have run into Jim Holland.  Jim was one of the first product managers on Twitter that I actively started following several years ago and is defenitly at the top of the list when it comes to sharing valuable advice and lessons learned.

After his post last week on Leading Product Vision, I asked Jim if he would discuss the topic in more detail.  Here is our video interview:

In the interview we cover:

  • What is Product Vision
  • How to find it
  • Bringing the vision to market
  • The challenge with being the CEO of your product
  • Building confidence and becoming a Product Thought Leader

Thanks again to Jim for taking the time to share his thoughts and experiences on product vision and leadership. You can (and should) find Jim writing at the Product Management Tribe blog and on Twitter.


Image Credit:  Flickr

2 thoughts on “Product Leadership with Jim Holland

  1. Josh – thanks again for the opportunity of sharing some ideas with you on product leadership. I appreciate your willingness to host these sessions. They are a great addition to product management and product marketing.nnJim

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