Start With The Customer Prodcast #4 – Unvarnished Feedback

In this week’s edition of the Start with the Customer Prodcast (a product focused podcast), I am honored to be joined by Tim Johnson, of It’s About Value, and Scott Sehlhorst, of Tyner Blain.

Our discussion covered two main areas – the opportunities and challenges of trade shows and customer experience. For trade shows and conferences, we started the discussion on how to capture value from these events and finding the right events in the first place. Moving over to customer experience, we focused on what it takes to make products people love.

Hope you enjoy the show!

You can listen here:

or download from iTunes.

Show Notes:

Run time: 43 mins

Trade Show and Conferences

  • Unvarnished Feedback
  • Competitive analysis
  • When is a booth worth it?
  • Tim’s post on the RSA conference
  • B2B vs. B2C and the challenge of ROI
  • Network, network, network

Customer Experience

  • User experience and making products that people love
  • Scott’s post on user center design
  • Zappos, Nordstrom and looking at customer service as the experience
  • B2B and product storytelling
  • Flip/Tivo as an innovation/experience example
  • Making it awesome vs. making it suck less
  • We didn’t get to ease of use so will save for another conversation (great post for the next discussion – )