Start With The Customer Prodcast #5 – Roles and Responsibilities

In this week’s edition of the Start with the Customer Prodcast (a product focused podcast), I am excited to be joined by Jim Holland, of the Product Management Tribe, and Scott Sehlhorst, of Tyner Blain.

To start the call off, we addressed the hot topic of product ownership and the responsibility of the product manager. From there the discussion moved into product portfolio management and ownership of the multi-year strategy. Finally, we touched on maturing the product management process inside start-up organizations.

I think this was a really great discussion with lots on the theory and practice of product management. I hope you enjoy the show and would love to hear your feedback!

You can listen here:

or download from iTunes.

Show Notes:

Runtime: 43 minutes

  • Product Manager vs. Product Owner – inspired by Saeed Khan’s post
  • Feeding the beast
  • Product portfolio management
  • The “Absence of Information”
  • Internal selling
  • Understanding the decision making culture
  • From start-up product management to a sustainable process