What Proven Winners Can Teach You: Marketing Lessons from the Garden

Let me start with a little disclaimer:

I am not a gardener and I most likely will never be one. While I do visit Home Depot regularly, I spend as little time as possible in the garden section. Over the last few years, the majority of plants we have purchased for our home landscaping have met a disastrous end under the Texas sun.

This should now be history after I came across the best marketing sign I have ever seen at in the Garden Center:

(click to see full size image)

While there were lots of little signs all over the garden section with little instructions of where and when the different plants needed sun, this one stood on on many levels:

  • Clear end-cap placement
  • Distinctive packaging
  • Positively strong and recognizable product name (who ever got fired for buying PROVEN WINNERS)

And most important was the clear, crisp messaging with strong value points. Rest assured that these flowers are heat resistance, fit anywhere in your garden, need little maintenance, and play well with the rest of your plants. With these features is there any wonder they are the #1 plant brand?

I am sure I paid a premium for these Proven Winners but the feeling that I was getting some extra value for my purchase (plus a flower that might hang around a bit longer) was worth it in my book.  I also know that their Product + Packaging + Placement +Promotion found the perfect buyer, the clueless plant persona, at the exact right time.

Excellent execution!


3 thoughts on “What Proven Winners Can Teach You: Marketing Lessons from the Garden

  1. Josh – Great post. I wonder if there’s a Product Management and Product Marketing person who is providing marketing with the “5th P” positioning?nnAs the spouse of an avid gardener, I appreciate the “what does this mean for me” as a novice.nnThis should apply to every products person.

    1. Jim,nnThanks so much for the comment! I am going to guess the Product team had heavy involvement with this messaging. Either way, it was very nicely done. nnThanks,nnJosh

  2. As an independent garden center employee who sells predominantly Bailey Nurseries high quality products, I appreciated hearing your sucess story and your affirmation of the value proposition behind these plants. Premium price in this case does equal quality, performance and satisfaction.

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