The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question

Having a system in place to capture customer feedback is essential to understanding how your customers feel about your product offering. I am a fan of the Net Promoter feedback approach and would recommended the book on the topic, the Ultimate Question by Fred Reichheld and Rob Markey.

That’s why I was excited to hear that they are releasing a new version of the book and were recently on the HBR IdeaCast podcast to talk about the update. While the basis of their framework, “Would you recommend us to a friend?“, hasn’t changed,  it has been over five years since the first edition of the book. The 2.0 version not only addresses the amplification of feedback through social channels, but also incorporates the evolution of the framework by companies that have deployed it as part of their feedback efforts.

The podcast is a great introduction to the Net Promoter methodology and well worth the twenty-minute listen. However, there was one really great point that I wanted to highlight from the discussion.

Here’s what Rob Markey said in response to the question on how companies turn their customers into promoters, instilling in their employees not only the goal of creating more promoters and less detractors, but also putting in their hands the tools to do that.

That’s such an outstanding point. It is one thing to capture the input. It is another to track it as a trend over time. And it is a completely different thing to empower your team to make the changes necessary to improve.

You often hear marketers give advice such as,”always listen to your customers”, but that’s only part of the equation. The real trick is having the ability to act on the feedback before it is too late.

So, are you listening or are you listening and acting?

Image Credit:  sean dreilinger