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How Not to Start Your Story Courtesy of Buick

When it comes to introducing your product to a potential customer, you have one shot to start things off on the right foot. This is your chance to start your story, create awareness and generate some excitement. However, the last thing you want to do is set the stage with a giant question mark.

I caught a Buick commercial over the weekend (video below) that I think highlights exactly what you don’t want to do. Before the ad gets going, the audio begins with these three words,

With AVAILABLE features….“.

When I hear this, I assume that whatever comes next is an upsell offering and I immediately start to wonder what’s wrong with the base? If they have to start with the upsell just to get my attention, then the base product must not be very interesting or must have something wrong with it, right?

Or could it be that they hoped I missed this subtlety and that I will assume that you get all these great features for their low entry price hence making the product seem more attractive?

No matter what they were hoping to have happen, the result is that they have begun their story on a sour note that may result in a lack of future consideration.

First impressions count. Don’t blow it by sending a mixed message out of the gate.

4 thoughts on “How Not to Start Your Story Courtesy of Buick

  1. The words are actually ‘With AVAILABLE features…” not “with OPTIONAL features”.
    Or maybe you saw a different video.

  2. Not only does it speak of a core deficiency as you point out, but it violates rule #1 of positioning in that it speaks to features instead of benefits – going as far as to use the literal term!

    1. Good point! As opposed to being “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, all I really know is that they have a branded stereo option. Not very good positioning at all. 

      Thanks for the comment!


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