What is Product Marketing?

What is product marketing In his new blog purposely titled “What is Product Marketing“, Diego Lomanto is doing a great job at defining the role  and responsibilities of product marketing in the enterprise software world:

“Product marketing is the function within a technology company that focuses on the strategies and tactics that are associated with marketing products including: market segmentation, product strategy, positioning, sales enablement, driving awareness, assisting buyer informational needs, competitive positioning, deal assistance and post-launch interaction with customers”

Like April Dunford, who wrote a similar blog post last year on How do CMOs Define Product Marketing, Diego is offering a framework for those looking for a better answer than the wikipedia definition.

I applaud both April and Diego for their effort at clarifying and promoting the critical role of product marketing in today’s world. Their frameworks are providing a strong foundational basis and should be reviewed, adapted and embraced by every software vendor.

I am also hoping that the upcoming book on the 42 Rules of Product Marketing, based on the successful 42 Rules of Product Management and 42 Rules of Marketing series, will help shed a new light on the rising discipline of product marketing. I was honored to be asked by the 280 Group to contribute to this new book and I look forward to sharing with you my perspectives and product marketing philosophy in an upcoming blog post.

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