Zucco’s Equation for Marketing Success

Earlier this year at our annual user conference, our CEO introduced a simple but very effective framework that he constantly uses to assess new opportunities and lead our company. He calls it Zucco’s Equation for Strategic Success:

  • W2A: Where we are
  • W3TG: Where we want to go
  • HW(GT)2: How are we going to get there

As I sat through his presentation, I realized how important this equation is for us marketers as is it to our executive teams. Too often we lose track of the big picture, spending all of our energy on the very tactical elements of our marketing plans.

Zucco’s Law is very easy way to take a step back and re-assess if your marketing efforts are still in line with the overall strategy. Most importantly it gives you an opportunity for course correction as specified in the 4th rule of Zucco’s Equation for Strategic Success:

  • EA3: Enable, adjust, adjust, adjust

We live in a world where we can no longer rely on yearly plans, let alone bi-annual plans. As new opportunities come up, we need to learn from what works and adjust our programs in real-time yet without losing focus on the big picture.

What’s your secret for marketing success?

Image Credit:  Erik Charlton

3 thoughts on “Zucco’s Equation for Marketing Success

    1. Jonathan,

      Thanks for the feedback and for taking time to read the blog. 

      I would agree that on the surface, the advice that Bertrand is discussing here seems straightforward but I think that is why it is so powerful.

      Figuring out where you want to go needs to be balanced by understanding where you are and  the means necessary to get there. If you aren’t taking the time to understand and adjust your plans, you may end up in a completely different destination or take too long. 

      I think this happens to a lot marketers (and companies) that are so busy with their tactical plans that they miss big opportunities. 

      Anyway, thanks again for sharing and hope to continue the dialog.


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