start with the customer marketing podcast on product marketing and product management

Start With The Customer Product Marketing Podcast #8 – Getting Ready for 2012

start with the customer marketing podcast on product marketing and product managementIn this episode of the Start with the Customer Podcast, I am honored to be joined by Paul Young, Pragmatic Marketing Instructor and founder of Austin  ProductCamp and Scott Sehlhorst, of Tyner Blain consulting.

We started the discussion on the topic of Product Camps. During the last year, Paul had the opportunity to attend several camps across the country and shared some of his observations on what makes ProductCamp special and how it is evolving. Next, we talked about getting ready for 2012. Scott shared his agile approach to self improvement and Paul discussed using 2012 as a milestone to improve your product manager skills – especially soft skills like leadership and storytelling.

As a final note, Paul shared that Pragmatic Marketing is now conducting its 2012 Annual Product Management and Marketing survey. You can take the current survey here and see the results of the past 11 years of data on the Pragmatic site. A very cool resource for product managers and marketers!

I hope you enjoy the show and would love to hear your feedback!

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Show Notes:

Runtime:  45 minutes

  • What is a product camp?
  • The benefits of attending
  • The competitiveness of product camp sessions
  • What’s next for product camps?
  • How do they need to evolve – 101 content and what’s next?
  • Getting ready for 2012
  • Agile self improvement and prioritizing
  • Working to make your strengths stronger
  • Tactical goals – a book a week?