Fab 5 Product Marketing Blogs (2012 Edition)

Last year, I published a list of my favorite sources for Product Marketing content and inspiration. The Fab 5 Product Marketing Blogs became one of the most viewed and commented post on this site in 2011.

As we start 2012, I thought I should highlight a few more bloggers and experts that have greatly influenced me in the last 12 months. Some might surprised you as they would probably not even consider themselves as Product Marketing experts. However they do cover topics such as buyer personas and sales enablement that are critical in today’s product marketing realm.

Congratulations to the 2012 Fab 5 Product Marketing Blogs winners:

  • Toni Zambito – Toni is an expert on buyer persona and his series on “the buyer trends that will influence marketing and sales in the near and foreseeable future” is without doubt the best and most influential write up that I have come across in the last 12 months. As product marketers we should always plan with the end in mind (the purchasing transaction) and map our marketing strategy and sales initiatives around our customer’s buying journey.
  • Tamara Shenk – A new comer on the blogger scene, I first encountered Tamara at the 2011 Forrester Sales Enablement conference in San Francisco where she talked about the need to “not just enable sales people but the entire buying system”. A VP at T-Systems, Tamara is a thought leader on one of the most under valued and yet critical function of the product marketing role. I strongly encourage you to read her thoughts on the sales enablement biggest challenges as well as her insightful perspectives for 2012.
  • Giles Farrow – A product marketing consultant focused on software marketing, Giles is to product marketing what John Gatrell is to product management. He is doing an excellent job at sourcing and sharing some of the best write up on product marketing and marketing topics. Giles has also written a very insightful series on software product marketing that works and he regularly comments on other product marketing experts blog posts.
  • Josh Duncan – Josh is a prolific product marketing blogger, and storyteller, whose passion for the field of product marketing is unparalleled (disclaimer: Josh & I are co-blogging on this site). I am particularly a big fan of his simple yet powerful examples as a result of a family trip to the garden center or a read from the many blogs (and books) he digests on his Kindle every week. Josh is also the host of the insightful Product Marketing Podcast series covering a wide range of topic from product marketing to product management.

Ultimately your list of favorite blogs and bloggers will differ based on 1) what you want to learn about 2) those who will help you to make a difference in your job, and 3) the writing style of the authors

I am always looking for more inspiration so …  who is on your Fab 5 list for 2012?

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14 thoughts on “Fab 5 Product Marketing Blogs (2012 Edition)

    1. Giles,

      You are most welcome. I truly appreciate the time you make me save by aggregating the best articles and blog posts on one of my favorite topic!



  1. Hi Bertrand,

    Thank you kindly for your kind words and mention.  I am honored indeed.  Plan with the end in mind – great statement.  I’m currently turning the series into an eBook.  Look forward to sharing.  Happy New Year!  Tony

    1. Tony,

      I can’t wait for the eBook. I think your series is a must read for any product marketers.

      Happy New Year to you too!



  2. Bertrand,

    Hey, thanks a lot for the honor and including me in such a great list! 

    Looking forward to more great product marketing posts from Toni, Giles, Diego, Tamara, and you in 2012! 


    1. Josh,

      You are in great company! I am looking forward to reading your posts in 2012 and attending your session at ProductCamp Austin -:)



  3. Hi Bertrand,

    thanks a lot for including my blog in this great list. I feel very honored to be mentioned together with Joshua, Tony, Giles and Diego – thanks for your support!

    Happy new year!


    1. Tamara,

      You are most welcome. I am a big fan of yours and have been following you as well on Focus and Forrester Sales Enablement forums. Very few people understand that enabling sales is first and foremost about enabling the buyers.



  4. Bertrand…you need to make this a Sweet 6 and include yourself!  Thanks for the inclusion with these other great blogs. I’m honored to be mentioned with them.

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