Groupon Wants You To Punish Derrick

During the holidays, I went through my inbox and unsubscribed from the many vendors that over the last 12 months have continuously sent me offers with little to no value. The process to unsubscribe is usually pretty straightforward and uneventful.

Then came Groupon with this short video:

Needless to say that I did punish Derrick (it’s not you Derrick, it’s me).

The simple addition of this video actually got me to re-consider whether or not I should unsubscribe from Groupon. Well just for a few seconds.

Seriously how many more white teeth cleaning offers can I consume within a year?

Anyhow, this is a great example showing how  you can make a boring experience interesting. I would love to hear some other great examples that you’ve come come across.

25 thoughts on “Groupon Wants You To Punish Derrick

  1. This has got to be much more effective than those really annoying “are you sure you want to unsubscribe?” emails

    – it gives you a positive experience and there’s a chance you’ll resubscribe
    – you’ll remember them for the future
    – you’ll tell people
    – if you post online, you’ll give them backlinks too 

      1. Bertrand,

        Great post and excellent link to the 404 pages. Always nice to see some creativity.

        Here is my favorite 404 page (the most awkward 404 ever) –


  2. Absolutely hysterical. I would love to know if this actually improved the resub rate. Even if it didn’t, it probably didn’t take more than a couple hours to set up, and it helps redeem the brand right when people are most annoyed with it.

  3. It’s a rip off of a Milgram experiment. I find this completely offensive and illustrative of the normalization of violence.

    What a sad commentary on Groupon. no wonder their stock is flagging.

    It reaffirms i made the right choice by unsubscribing from Groupon.

    1. EXACTLY. I was so irritated and bummed out by this that I went to the Groupon site to complain – but they have no contact information. Bah, Groupon.

    2. Tom, you big baby. This isn’t the normalization of violence, but a depiction of the absurdity of violence. World history is full of tone deaf pseudo-intellectuals like yourself. They claim the mantle of caring while engaging in autocratic decision making that leads to real death and violence. Guys like me who don’t see any nuance between this live action Tom and Jerry cartoon and real life understand real human suffering, Tom. We know how to laugh and cry. We actually feel things. Not you, Tom. Guys like you don’t feel concerns for others. They think about themselves. You live in your own little self-righteous cocoon where you pontificate about how you can feel better about your miserable life. You don’t really care, you just want people to think you care because it makes you feel good. In short, you are and egotistic jerk posing as an enlightened thinker who is proud of yourself because you got the top comment on a page that was supposed to make people laugh. But here you are, Tom. Spoiling the party like always. Trying to make bubbas like me feel guilty for laughing at what should be funny for everyone. Congratulations, Tom. Good job. You get the blue ribbon of caring today.

      1. Mr. O’Grady

        It’s ironic that my benign and polite post about the normalization of violence elicits your vituperative retort that assails my character and impugns my dignity. You’ve made erroneous judgments about me without even knowing me.

        Your post exemplifies how trivializing violence impacts society in a most disturbing fashion. It promotes anonymous aggression, intimidation and bullying in a forum that COULD aide discourse, understanding and accord.

        Your personal attack is well noted, Mr. O’Grady.

          1. Tom, shut your little girl face……losers like you should turn off your computers now. Aint nobody got time fo dat

        1. Tom, shut your little girl face……losers like you should turn off your computers now. Aint nobody got time for that

  4. Actually I had to search to find out if it was a damn phishing scheme that somehow I clicked into. If you hover over Punish Derrick nothing shows up in the link so I think, roh oh. Groupon are morons, maybe boring proper programming isn’t such a bad Idea hmm? Maybe why you stuck going nowhere.

  5. I see how this is funny to many people, but it actually made me sad! I’m a fairly emotional person, and it hurt to see someone “punished.” And “Derrick” looked so sad to begin with. I have family members who suffer from depression and it just struck a bad chord with me. But, that’s just me. Not saying it shouldn’t have been made.

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