Own your Story or Someone Else Will

the story of your product
Bad marketing is easy to spot. We point it out, share it, rant at it, and swear that it will never happen to us.

Good marketing is east to spot. We point it out, share it, savor it, and try to emulate it.

So, what is the secret of good marketing?

Simon Sinek offers this as an explanation,

Good marketing offers us a view of the world.

Bad marketing offers us a product to buy…..

Good marketing uses the products to help tell a story.

Bad marketing tells stories about products.

This probably isn’t the first time you have heard that telling a story is important. Some would argue that storytelling is one of the most important skills a marketer can have but how do you really apply this?

What happens when marketing, product, and sales all start telling their own story? What happens when your story changes all the time?

You must develop the positioning that becomes THE STORY that all other message support.

Nobody likes an inconsistent or incomplete story. Good marketing takes the time to build the framework to support the story in a consistent and authentic manner.

More to come on this topic and if you are in Austin this weekend and want to hear more, make sure to attend the 8th ProductCampt Austin. I am planning a session titled, “Own your Story or Someone Else Will” to discuss. Hope to see you there!


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