Is kanban2go The Missing Link For Getting Stuff Done?

When it comes to being busy, I usually fall into one of three categories:

  1. Busy – lots to do but manageable
  2. Very Busy – enough going on that I need to start putting some project off till later
  3. Beyond Busy – so much to do that that there is not enough time in the day

While at stage 1 and stage 2 of being busy, I have alway been able to manage things by keep a running list in my head. While I have tried a lot of different time management system (remember those giant Franklin Covey books?), I have always found that the process creates more work than benefit and I quickly return to my old habits.

The challenge is that when I cross over into stage 3, my system breaks down. I start keeping lists but then I need a list of lists to track them all down. I have grown to love Evernote for keeping track of content, but as a time management system it just doesn’t work for me.

Enter Prabhakar Gopalan, a friend of mine that has been looking at the process of time management for some time.  Prabhakar is a fan of the Kanban process for task management, which he call the a primordial way of getting things done.

The basic idea is that you keep your lists, which is how the mind likes to think, but then sort them three basics ways – stuff you need to work on, stuff you are working on, stuff you have finished.

While I loved the idea, I struggled with how to carry out the process. Keeping three different notes in Evernote and then moving stuff around still seemed like too much hassle.

This is where kanban2go come in. Prabhakar liked the concept so much that he built his own free web app to solve the problem. Not only did he design the app so that it was simple to use, he spent extra time building mobile and tablet interfaces as well so that you could use it on the go.

The application feels very professional and includes the ability to create multiple boards for different sets of projects (work, home, vacation, etc) and the ability to collaborate with others. You can even sync your content to Evernote and send reminders to your calendaring application.

Don’t take my word for it. You can find the site at and give it a try yourself.

Good luck getting even more of the right stuff done!

7 thoughts on “Is kanban2go The Missing Link For Getting Stuff Done?

  1. Josh,

    Thank you so much for this nice post.  I love it that  you wrote this with your own story of using the product from pre-alpha December version through now!  Talk of story telling and authenticity.  You are leading by your ProductCamp presentation. :)Stay tuned for Monday when we release an ‘add due date’ feature that will allow for the due date to be displayed on the header if there is one.  That should take care of quickly looking at the board and seeing when a particular task is due.  Right now, it shows task last updated/date created date and time.  There’s plenty of enhancements in the works that will keep the simplicity in view, but hide all the sophistication underneath.  Thanks again!Prabhakar

    1. Prabhakar,

      My pleasure. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with the app. By not adding (taking away) all the ideas that could complicate the process, you have made something that is beautifully simple!  

      Looking forward to seeing what’s next!


  2. Oh my god – you don’t even know how timely this post is for me..  I could have just literally put my name as the author of this post (aside from all the good clever wording and whatnot)… I have struggled with a simple To Do list as well… I’m going to set up an account immediately. 

  3. Hi Josh,
    Bertrand the other day was singing the praises of this app as well. I am intrigued but I am slightly nervous.. since I don’t want to succumb to “productivity app fatigue”. Doffing my skeptic hat on: how is this different than trello?

    1. Hi Amar,

      This is Prabhakar for kanban2go.  How is kanban2go different from Trello?  There are several differences:
      1)  kanban2go is a simple, share-able To Do list manager for individuals, couples and small teams (size < 3).  kanban2go isn't designed for large teams or project management.  Trello appears to be a project management software. 
      2) I can't emphasize how Simple it is to use kanban2go.  Startup, setup time is less than 30 seconds. 
      3) kanban2go's mobile website views are custom made for the mobile/smart phone experience.  I'm not sure if that is the case with Trello
      4) kanban2go doesn't offer things like changing colors, adding more columns, and so on.  The UX goal is not to let users play with settings and get bogged down. 
      5) kanban2go has basic integration with Evernote and our plan is to offer 2-way sync fairly soon.  
      6) You can export your data from kanban2go from Day1. That's because what we keep is also pretty simple – your tasks organized on boards. Trello, I believe has been live since September 2011 and if I'm right, as of writing this, still doesn't have a way to export your task data so you can take it with you.

      It is these little things we focused on right from the start on what the UX should be. We are making software for people, not software developers. That's a huge distinction about kanban2go. Our goal is to make a beautiful product that you will use.

      At the end of it all, if your To Do list software takes up more time than your task, then that's a problem.  

      I suggest using Trello for a couple of days, and then switching to kanban2go just for a quick test, and see the difference yourself.  


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