How to Create an Awesome Product Introduction Video

A few years ago, I gave a talk at Product Camp titled Start with the Story. One of my talking points was on the importance of a good product introduction.  When someone first encounters your product, there needs to be a quick way for them to understand what it is all about – essentially your product elevator pitch.

During the presentation I picked on a startup called PlanCast which was a schedule planning app that a lot of people were starting to use. Their home page made it impossible to tell what their application was supposed to do and why you should give it a try. As a counter example, I used Evernote which not only had a great home page but had an awesome “What we do” video that introduced the product.

Sometimes You Only Get One Shot

Whether you have a new product or a new company or both, sometimes you only get one shot to tell your story. Having a product video introduction can be a very effective way to convince a customer that you are worth their time and that they should learn more.

Here’s what I think great product intro videos do well:

  1. Quickly introduce why someone would use your product/service – what problem are you solving for me?
  2. Give us an idea of who the product was made for – who’s the target user?
  3. Illustrate some (not all) of the features of the product – how do I use it?
  4. Generate some excitement – leave me wanting to learn more!

There is definitely an art form for putting this together and in a package that you can watch in two minutes or less. It used to be that it was tough to find good examples but the secret is out.

Here are two recent videos that I think do a great job of introducing their product:


Don’t Get Lost in the Story

It takes a lot of creativity to turn your product message into a visual story. One of the biggest challenges you are going to face is getting lost in THE story. This  happens when your message gets lost inside the story that you are trying to tell.

Google recently released a video that I think is a perfect example of losing your product message while trying to tell  a story. The following video is very creative and well done but at the end of it, I am still not sure what it is their product does, who it is for, and how it works. Most importantly, I am not excited and am not rushing off to learn more:

Do use videos to tell the story of your product. Just make sure that your message doesn’t get lost in the story.

What’s your favorite product intro video that you’ve ever seen?


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  1. I have an idea for you. You should charge people to look at their introduction video ideas and to make suggestions on how to improve them, if needed.

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