The Product Marketing Podcast #13 – What is Agile Product Management?

start with the customer marketing podcast on product marketing and product managementIn this episode of the Start with the Customer Podcast, I am honored to be joined by Scott Sehlhorst, of Tyner Blain consulting and Saeed Khan, of On Product Management.

The topic of the call was agile product management. Since both Scott and Saeed have worked in waterfall and agile development environments, it was great to hear their thoughts on the what it means to be agile when it comes to managing the development of new products. This call went a bit longer than planned but overall I think it was a great discussion on the topic with a lot of examples and shared wisdom. We covered the basic definitions, how we got to this point, working with an agile development team, and how to operate in an agile business environment.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and would love to hear your feedback!

You can listen here:

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Show Notes:

Runtime: 53  mins

  • What does Agile Product Management mean?
  • Has Product Management has always been “Agile”?
  • The difference between being agile and constant change
  • The difference between shifting business tactics and business strategy
  • How product management works in an agile environment
  • Building an evergreen body of research
  • Adjusting your course – you’re not sailing to an island but a moving target
  • Don’t forget your business objective
  • The problem with the SCRUM definition of product owner
  • Getting customer input for startups
  • Managing customer input from large/enterprise customers
  • Balancing costs and benefits
  • The Waterline Principle