There Is No Magic Bullet In Creativity

The book Imagine addresses the monumental task of trying to figure out how creativity works.

What makes people creative in the first place? How do you maximize creativity? What do you do when you hit the wall and can’t come up with an idea?

Even though it did rely on a few cliché examples , e.g. Pixar and 3M, I enjoyed this book and the way it explored creativity from a thinking perspective. It should come as no surprise that there isn’t a magic bullet when it comes to new ideas but there are different approaches you can use that can help improve your odds of success.

The book was a fast read and left you with several ideas to try next time you are seeking to find a creative solution to a complex problem. One of the suggestions I really liked was why you shouldn’t brainstorm. The problem with the “no idea is a bad idea” approach is that without discourse and criticism the ideas don’t get filter and pushed on to the next level. Turing the spark of an idea into something that is really creative takes work and without the pressure to make it better, it usually doesn’t happen.

Here are a few more of my favorite inspirational quotes that I captured while reading through the book.