A Product Launch Disaster in Front of Millions

Everyone wants the rewards that come with a big product launch – tech blogs, news coverage, and a ton of word of mouth leading up to a massive amount of sales.

Who doesn’t want everyone talking about your product at launch?

So, where to start? If you look at a few of the tech leaders out there at generating launch buzz, it almost seems easy. First you need to keep things super secret – can’t have any details leaking out too soon.

Then you need to slowly give out a few hints and clues here and there that something big is coming – all to build the anticipation.

You then invite all the top media outlets and élite tech bloggers to an invitation only press conference. Making them wait until the expectations are at an all time high and then you put on the show – extra fireworks included.

The results being that the entire internet is abuzz with your news. All the tech blogs have live streams running that highlight every single detail of the event. From here, the announcement spreads to the evening news, the WSJ, and other mainstream media sources, making sure the mainstream audience hears what’s going to be the next “it” item.

There it is – the formula for success is right in front of you. Grab it, run the play, rinse and repeat and watch all the money roll in.

Of course, there is the flip side of going big. Big rewards also means big risk. When you have the world’s most influential tech audience watching your every move (and you are following someone else’s playbook) it is always a good idea to make sure that the product you are showing off is worth all this grand standing.

When you’re trying to launch your product like a rocket out of the gate, everything has to be perfect. The smallest of errors on this type of stage can leave you looking foolish in front of millions.

As a recent example, check out the Microsoft Surface launch video below. It less than a minute of awkwardness from the launch event but enough to generate close to 3 million views so far.

Image Credit:  mondopiccolo

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