The Process of Finding Breakaway Ideas

the idea hunter If your goal is to come up with something new, be it for an existing product or a new to the world innovation, you are going to need a list of ideas to work with. The question is, how does one come with an idea in the first place?

According to the the book, The Idea Hunter, if you are waiting for a time to start looking for ideas, you are too late.

 “BREAKAWAY IDEAS COME TO those who are in the habit of looking for them” – The Idea Hunter

While this sounds like a simple approach, the challenge is in the implementation. Just because you are blocking time on your calendar to “brainstorm” doesn’t mean ideas will be waiting for you to show up.

Finding new ideas begins with the discipline of intentionally looking for ideas all the time. We are often so busy running from meeting to meeting and project to project that we miss opportunities to digest information that could produce the next big idea.

To hep prepare you for becoming an idea hunter, the books covers 4 principles that will help improve your ability to find ideas  – Interested, Diverse, Exercised, and Agile. Additionally, the book continues on with some techniques on how to make sure you get the most out of the ideas you find through prioritization and implementation.

“Albert Einstein once made the disarming comment, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” – The Idea Hunter

Overall, I would say the book was a good read and left you thinking more about how to make idea hunting part of your daily routine. I also like how there was a focus on what comes next after finding that next great idea.

Remember – ideas without execution are hobbies!

Check it out!