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The Product Marketing Podcast #14 – Is there a Need for a Corporate Persona?

start with the customer marketing podcast on product marketing and product managementIn this episode of the Start with the Customer Podcast, I am honored to be joined by Scott Sehlhorst, of Tyner Blain consulting.

For this week’s call, Scott and I wanted to try something different with a working session on a topic – the need for a corporate persona. The idea came from a discussion on whether there is another dimension when it comes to identifying needs for a segment where companies have different business strategies and goals. We don’t have all the answers on this one but wanted to share our thoughts and see what you had to think. Is this an area where you have experience or have seen a best practice? If so, please add to the discussion and share where we should take this next.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and would love to hear your feedback!

You can listen here:

Show Notes:

Runtime: 34  mins

  • Market segments and building personas
  • Usually start with user and buyer personas
  • When does the goals/strategy of the corporation cause differentiation in use cases?
  • Companies in the same market segment could be trying to solve different problems
  • Looking at a call center example  – cost center (cheap and fast) vs. lead generation (connect with customers)
  • Do you try and satisfy all these needs or prioritize on a sub-set of features?
  • The danger – a product that doesn’t meet either of the corporate needs
  • So are these sub-segments of an existing segment?
  • How do you avoid over-segmenting?
  • Sub-segmenting by buyer personas?
  • How do you make sure you are not adding too much complexity but also not missing important details?
  • Is there a better way?