Giving Thanks for the Twist Image Podcast

It is the season for giving thanks so I want to take a minute to express some gratitude for what I think is one of the best resources out there for marketers.  It doesn’t matter if you are focused on outbound, inbound, sales, PR, social, or product, the Twist Image Podcast, hosted by Mitch Joel, is guaranteed to make you better at what you do.

How’s that?

By providing you a weekly update on what’s working today for marketers and what you should be thinking about next. By letting you hear directly from thought leaders like Avinash Kaushik, Mark W. Schaefer, Jeremiah Owyang, Ben Casnocha, David Weinberger, Seth Godin and many more. And by letting you hear from the authors about upcoming books so you can figure out what to read next (and what to skip).

The most impressive part? The Twist Image Podcast has been released weekly since May of 2006.

Just think about that for a moment. Putting together 333 episodes of marketing advice for FREE is not only a ridiculously amount of work but also takes some serious dedication.

Definitely worth some thanks!

If you have not been listening to the podcast, here’s a few of my favorites from 2012 that I would recommend you check out:

  1. SPOS #329 – Avinash Kaushik Digs Deep Into Facebook Marketing – Want to really understand Facebook as a marketing platform? Start here.
  2. POS #313 – From Economics To Likeonomics With Rohit Bhargava – Do you care if people really like your company? Hear why you should with this podcast.
  3. SPOS #310 – The Startup Of You With Ben Casnocha – Startup thinking isn’t just for companies. Learn from the the author of the book on how you should be thinking more like a startup when it comes to your career.
  4. SPOS #308 – Return On Influence With Mark W. Schaefer – Want to understand online influence and sites like Klout? This podcast is for you.
  5. SPOS #306 – Truth In Marketing With Jonathan Salem Baskin – Let the truth set your marketing free.
  6. SPOS #304 – Creating Brand Movements With Scott Goodson – Learn how you can move your company beyond the brand and into something much bigger – a movement.
  7. SPOS #301 – Knowing Things With David Weinberger – some deep thoughts on knowledge and the internet and how’s it changing over the last twenty years.
  8. SPOS #297 – The Hard Work Of Creativity With Julie Burstein – Understanding the processing and work that goes into being creative.
  9. SPOS #296 – The Art Of The Pitch With Peter Coughter – All marketing professionals have to sell their ideas. Learn how a master of pitching  ideas approaches the task.
  10. SPOS #295 – Mobile Marketing Impact With Gary Schwartz – mobile and marketing. Need I say anything else?
  11. SPOS #289 – Content Marketing With Joe Pulizzi – Want to understand content marketing and how it may work for your business  Start with this podcast.
And as a bonus, Seth Godin has been on the podcast several times and is always worth a listen for his insights and ideas. So here are a few more to add to your listening list:


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