Continuing on the theme, here are few more things that I have been thinking about as of late. Hope some are useful for you.

  1. This is very sound advice and could easily support a full book on the subject – Beware of chicken and egg products. Make sure your product provides immediate utility.
  2. This is a lot harder than it sounds – When you’re faced with a feature that only 8% of your user base are using, you have to make a call: Kill it or Keep it.
  3. I am a big fan of the power of a story and the importance of baking it in. Looks like there is now some positive research on advantages of focusing on your story.
  4. If you are faced with a choice between cheaper or better, the answer can now be empirically quantified: make it better.
  5. What do your users want to be “badass” at? Watch this video from Kathy Sierra to help figure it out.
  6. Don’t underestimate first impressions. The First 5 Minutes (REALLY) Matter.
  7. When it comes to marketing, it isn’t all about conversions. Well, it really is all about conversions but your entire marketing strategy can’t be about hoping to show up at that right moment before purchase. You need to spend more time thinking about the Think and See consideration stages.
  8. Customers hire products to get a job done. If you want to get more customers, you can  make your product better at the job it currently does. Otherwise, you need to start focusing your product on a new job.
  9. Call me biased, I am a product guy after all, but this is truth – Product comes first. If people love your product, the tiniest announcements will get attention. If people don’t love your product, no amount of marketing effort will help.
  10. Getting to simple is not an easy path. If you are looking to get there, start by looking at authentic design. What’s authentic design? Authentic design is about doing away with features that are included only to make a product appear familiar or desirable but that otherwise serve no purpose. Authentic design is about representing function in its most optimal form, about having a conviction in elegance through efficiency.