The Rise of the Social Business Software Buyer

Picture this. Your wife tells you that you need to find a better hotel for the next vacation. You jump on Google and zoom in on a few based on location, star rating, price and user reviews. At this point you are probably surfing on Trip Advisor, Kayak or Expedia. As for your next step, you will most likely visit the sites of the one or two hotels that you’ve selected to check all the amenities and whether you can get an even better deal. Now picture this. Your boss tells you that you need to find a better software. You jump on … Continue reading The Rise of the Social Business Software Buyer

We are working on a new product. Can you name it?

There is something to say about SolarWinds. First, let me set the record straight. I have joined SolarWinds in January as Sr. Director of Business Strategy and I am probably still drinking the Kool-Aid. Having said that, one of the reasons I choose SolarWinds over an executive position at an early stage start-up was that I was very intrigued by their business model. SolarWinds sells IT Management software to companies of all sizes without any sales rep in the field. They don’t even have a professional services organization. They market their products on the web and they close each transaction … Continue reading We are working on a new product. Can you name it?

42 Rules of Product Marketing: Forget About Your Product

A few months ago, I was asked by the 280 Group to contribute to a new book “42 Rules of Product Marketing“. The book is a collection of insights and practical advice from over 35 real world practitioners. For my part, I decided to focus on what I truly believe is the foundation of product marketing and what guides my decisions every day as a product marketer. Enjoy! Forget about your product. Product marketing is less about what you sell and more about who purchases it. Understanding your customer is what matters most, mainly what they care about and how … Continue reading 42 Rules of Product Marketing: Forget About Your Product

Groupon Wants You To Punish Derrick

During the holidays, I went through my inbox and unsubscribed from the many vendors that over the last 12 months have continuously sent me offers with little to no value. The process to unsubscribe is usually pretty straightforward and uneventful. Then came Groupon with this short video: Needless to say that I did punish Derrick (it’s not you Derrick, it’s me). The simple addition of this video actually got me to re-consider whether or not I should unsubscribe from Groupon. Well just for a few seconds. Seriously how many more white teeth cleaning offers can I consume within a year? … Continue reading Groupon Wants You To Punish Derrick

Fab 5 Product Marketing Blogs (2012 Edition)

Last year, I published a list of my favorite sources for Product Marketing content and inspiration. The Fab 5 Product Marketing Blogs became one of the most viewed and commented post on this site in 2011. As we start 2012, I thought I should highlight a few more bloggers and experts that have greatly influenced me in the last 12 months. Some might surprised you as they would probably not even consider themselves as Product Marketing experts. However they do cover topics such as buyer personas and sales enablement that are critical in today’s product marketing realm. Congratulations to the … Continue reading Fab 5 Product Marketing Blogs (2012 Edition)

Zucco’s Equation for Marketing Success

Earlier this year at our annual user conference, our CEO introduced a simple but very effective framework that he constantly uses to assess new opportunities and lead our company. He calls it Zucco’s Equation for Strategic Success: W2A: Where we are W3TG: Where we want to go HW(GT)2: How are we going to get there As I sat through his presentation, I realized how important this equation is for us marketers as is it to our executive teams. Too often we lose track of the big picture, spending all of our energy on the very tactical elements of our marketing plans. Zucco’s … Continue reading Zucco’s Equation for Marketing Success

What is Product Marketing?

In his new blog purposely titled “What is Product Marketing“, Diego Lomanto is doing a great job at defining the role  and responsibilities of product marketing in the enterprise software world: “Product marketing is the function within a technology company that focuses on the strategies and tactics that are associated with marketing products including: market segmentation, product strategy, positioning, sales enablement, driving awareness, assisting buyer informational needs, competitive positioning, deal assistance and post-launch interaction with customers” Like April Dunford, who wrote a similar blog post last year on How do CMOs Define Product Marketing, Diego is offering a framework for … Continue reading What is Product Marketing?

What Kind Of Social Expert Are You?

Last month I was lucky to attend ProductCamp Austin 7 (#pcatx) and present a session on “Social Marketing in B2B World: Reality vs. Myth” The key message that I wanted to communicate is that social media and social marketing are two different things. Social media experts (at least the ones that I have encountered) tend to take a tool-centric approach focused on building an army of twitter followers and Facebook fans. Social marketing experts start with from a strategic marketing perspective and leverage social media tools as distribution channels as they see best fit. While I would not go as … Continue reading What Kind Of Social Expert Are You?

Keep It Simple, Stupid

Last week, our top sales rep told us his secret sauce for repeatedly exceeding his quota. He summarized it as follow: “Look guys, just keep it simple” … Find how who has the money Find out how much they have Sell to them as fast as you can While they are many other best practices that he shared with us, his success recipe reminded me how much we, as marketers, tend to over-complicate things. We like to come up with a messaging full of superlatives and other buzz words, build as many strategies and campaigns as possible,  and produce countless … Continue reading Keep It Simple, Stupid

Why Social Does Not Matter

You are a professional marketer in the B2B Technology space. By now, you’ve probably completely refocused all your marketing energy and dollars on the new world of social media. Trade shows are dead and email marketing is so passé. Instead you chat, tweet, IM, like, +1 all day long. #fail. B2B technology purchasing decisions are not primarily made over social networks. In fact Twitter was ranked as the lowest amongst social sources that influence business technologists’ decision making. That’s according to a recent Forrester Research survey (2011 Social Technographics for Business Technology Buyers). Now does that mean that social does … Continue reading Why Social Does Not Matter