7 Reasons Why All Product Marketers Should Write

Jason Baptiste recently wrote a wonderful post on the OnStartUps blog titled, Why Every Entrepreneur Should Write and 9 Tips To Get Started. While the post was aimed at the startup/entrepreneurial world, I think it can be easily extended to all product marketers. Being an effective communicator is a core marketing skill and an even more important one for product marketers. Being able to develop a story and then translate it across all the various channels – media, web, blogs, social – is what in my mind sets apart a good product marketer from and a great one. Following Jason’s 7 entrepreneurial reasons for … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why All Product Marketers Should Write

A Marketing Reminder From Nokia – Stay Paranoid

Outstanding article in this week’s BusinessWeek on the fall of Nokia. It is a fascinating tale of complacency and complete disregard for a changing marketplace. From the article, Nokia’s initial reaction to the iPhone is the most embarrassing example of what went wrong. When Steve Jobs unveiled the device in January 2007, “it was widely disregarded,” says former manager Dave Grannan, who now runs Burlington (Mass.)-based voice recognition company Vlingo. “The attitude was that we’d tried touchscreens before, and people didn’t like them.” …As iPhone sales took off, Nokia remained strangely detached, say a dozen current and former executives. The company didn’t sit still, … Continue reading A Marketing Reminder From Nokia – Stay Paranoid

What is this About?

Here’s a deceptively difficult question for you to ponder (inspired by Steven Pressfield’s excellent latest book, “Do the Work“), What is this about? If you are working on developing a new product, can you answer? Can you do it without a ten page PowerPoint deck? How about to someone not familiar with your product line or industry? If you only had 10 seconds to explain in front of a room of potential customers buyers could you convince them? What is this about? Ok, so now that you get the point, take a look at how you are talking about your product in your … Continue reading What is this About?

What Proven Winners Can Teach You: Marketing Lessons from the Garden

Let me start with a little disclaimer: I am not a gardener and I most likely will never be one. While I do visit Home Depot regularly, I spend as little time as possible in the garden section. Over the last few years, the majority of plants we have purchased for our home landscaping have met a disastrous end under the Texas sun. This should now be history after I came across the best marketing sign I have ever seen at in the Garden Center: While there were lots of little signs all over the garden section with little instructions of where … Continue reading What Proven Winners Can Teach You: Marketing Lessons from the Garden

Stop Thinking as a Marketer. Start Thinking as a Publisher.

Earlier this week, I attended the Forrester Technology Marketing Executive Council in San Francisco. The purpose of this spring meeting was to discuss some innovative approaches to improve the effectiveness of marketing programs. While many ideas were shared, the one theme that came back was the use of creative content to increase the number of sales conversations and to accelerate the buying process. In his presentation “Organizing, Creating, And Maximizing Rich B2B Content”, Joe Chernov VP Content Marketing at Eloqua, challenged us to stop thinking as marketers and start thinking as publishers. In particular, Joe shared his passion for building … Continue reading Stop Thinking as a Marketer. Start Thinking as a Publisher.

Why HubSpot is Winning

Disclaimer: I am a converted HubSpot customer. I use their software to increase the number of inbound warm leads and convert more qualified visitors into sales opportunities. They call it Inbound Marketing. I call it my Life Saver Marketing platform. It’s easy to use and at a tip of a finger, I can blog, optimize keywords, create new promo landing pages, send emails or check who is talking about us on the social sphere – all from a single tool. Most importantly, with its seamless integration with salesforce.com, Hubspot offers a complete closed loop reporting providing both marketing and sales with a single source of … Continue reading Why HubSpot is Winning

Sales and Marketing: Till Death Do Us Part

I have recently come across some really good analysis on the alignment gap between sales and marketing. In his article “3 Reasons Your Marketing & Sales Departments Aren’t Clicking” Carlos Hidalgo is making a critical observation. Marketing and sales organizations typically don’t have a common viewpoint on what alignment should be based: “The truth is that the right thing around which marketing and sales teams should align is their buyers. Today’s B2B buyer is looking to engage with their vendors and have a relevant 1-1 dialogue. They don’t care about the internal squabbles that may occur between marketing and sales … Continue reading Sales and Marketing: Till Death Do Us Part

Finding the Voice of the Customer with Jose Briones

One of the toughest challenges of going to a conference is picking which sessions to attend. Usually, there are time slots during the day when there is nothing jumping and other times where you wish you could be in three places at once. I recently missed hearing Dr. Jose Briones speak and after seeing his presentation, realized I missed out on a good one. Jose’s presentation, My Boss Told Me To Get The Voice of the Customer, Now What?, covered the challenges of gathering customer feedback and introduces a new approach to improve your results. I was able to catch-up … Continue reading Finding the Voice of the Customer with Jose Briones

Harvard Business Review Gone Wrong: When You No Longer Preach What You Teach

Last weekend, while perusing the magazine rack at Barnes and Noble, I noticed that they were now selling full magazine subscriptions to the Harvard Business Review (HBR). I was surprised to see that the in-store price at B&N was only $69.  Last time I checked, HBR was usually north of $100 so this seemed like a great deal. I didn’t pull the trigger at the time, but left thinking that at $69 it was too good a deal to pass up. I had subscribed to the HBR in the past so it was no surprise that later in the week I received an offer … Continue reading Harvard Business Review Gone Wrong: When You No Longer Preach What You Teach

How to Crush a (Potential) Customer?

Editor’s Note: We are very excited to introduce today’s guest blogger, Tim Johnson. Tim has 20-plus years in product marketing and channel sales for systems management, security and SaaS vendors.  Author of the “It’s About Value” product marketing blog.  Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader and sometime maker of sawdust.  You can also find Tim on Twitter and LinkedIn. Last summer, my son’s Cub Scout pack had a community service activity.  One of the other parents took some pictures and posted them to her Shutterfly account to share with the pack.  Because of BSA rules and parental concerns, the pictures were put … Continue reading How to Crush a (Potential) Customer?