Finding Innovative Ideas with The Innovator’s DNA

Here’s an idea for you from the Innovator’s DNA that I thought was worth sharing. If you want to innovate, you need to ask questions. More importantly, you need to ask the right type of questions. The goal is to challenge assumptions, make new connections, and see past what’s already there. This doesn’t happen by asking a random scattering of questions but through a disciplined practice. Here’s how they sum up the approach in the book: During interviews with disruptive innovators, we noticed not only a high frequency of questions but a pattern as well. They started with a deep-sea-like exploration of … Continue reading Finding Innovative Ideas with The Innovator’s DNA

Are you Ready for the Zero Moment of Truth?

I recently caught a great post from Amy Taylor at the Brains on Fire Blog on the changing dynamics of consumers and retailers. Amy comments in her post, After my iPhone shattered, I went on the hunt for an indestructible case by throwing a question out to my Twitter followers. The name “Otterbox” was quickly Tweeted back by many. When I decided to invest in iPhone insurance, my social network (and their glowing recommendations) directed me to a company called SquareTrade. In these instances, my social network wasn’t just influential in my purchase, it was integral. This may sound like a … Continue reading Are you Ready for the Zero Moment of Truth?

16 Reasons Why You Should Read the End of Business as Usual

16 Reasons Why You Should Read the End of Business as Usual

Everything is changing and this is having a major impact on how businesses need to operate in the era of the connected consumer. If you are trying to figure out what’s going on and how you can best adapt, Brian Solis’s new book, The End of Business as Usual, is a great place to start. Thanks to Brian’s early release on Twitter, I was able to purchase an advance copy and spent the weekend reading it. There is a lot of great advice in the book of how to take advantage of this changing landscape and several outstanding case studies of … Continue reading 16 Reasons Why You Should Read the End of Business as Usual

Getting Your Customers to Stop Thinking of You

This week I had the privilege of attending Forrester’s Tech Marketing Roundtable here in Austin, TX. As usual, Forrester put together a great discussion with fellow product marketers and shared some fascinating insights. Forrester also invited a guest presenter for the discussion, Dr. Art Markman from the University of Texas. Dr. Markman’s topic of discussion was on how to make your company a habit (Side note -keep an eye out for Dr. Markman’s upcoming book,Thinking Smart. Sounds like a great read for Product Marketers.) Your first question may be, why should you care about your customer’s habits?  Here’s one good reason from Dr. Markman: In the end, the … Continue reading Getting Your Customers to Stop Thinking of You

13 Tweetable Insights from WikiBrands

Over the last month, I have been doing a lot of research on brand development, customer engagement, and community building. After going through half a dozen of the latest books on the subject, one has really stood out – Wikibrands by Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover. I like how the book covers strategies and tactics along with plenty of example of businesses that are succeeding by co-creating branding efforts with their most engaged customers. If you are looking to build a brand community or for ways to improve your social business, this book has a lot to offer. The following are … Continue reading 13 Tweetable Insights from WikiBrands

7 Reasons Why All Product Marketers Should Write

Jason Baptiste recently wrote a wonderful post on the OnStartUps blog titled, Why Every Entrepreneur Should Write and 9 Tips To Get Started. While the post was aimed at the startup/entrepreneurial world, I think it can be easily extended to all product marketers. Being an effective communicator is a core marketing skill and an even more important one for product marketers. Being able to develop a story and then translate it across all the various channels – media, web, blogs, social – is what in my mind sets apart a good product marketer from and a great one. Following Jason’s 7 entrepreneurial reasons for … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why All Product Marketers Should Write

What Kind Of Social Expert Are You?

Last month I was lucky to attend ProductCamp Austin 7 (#pcatx) and present a session on “Social Marketing in B2B World: Reality vs. Myth” The key message that I wanted to communicate is that social media and social marketing are two different things. Social media experts (at least the ones that I have encountered) tend to take a tool-centric approach focused on building an army of twitter followers and Facebook fans. Social marketing experts start with from a strategic marketing perspective and leverage social media tools as distribution channels as they see best fit. While I would not go as … Continue reading What Kind Of Social Expert Are You?

Check Your Assumptions

The first half of this year has been jammed packed with product launches and new marketing campaigns and at the end of the day, I haven’t had as mush time as I would like to blog. Now that I have had time to catch my breath, I am trying to do a little retrospective. Jim Holland put together a great post on the subject back in June that highlights some great questions to ask during a moment of pause. One area I would like to comment on is the subject of  examining your strategy and seeing if anything has shifted – especially … Continue reading Check Your Assumptions

A Marketing Reminder From Nokia – Stay Paranoid

Outstanding article in this week’s BusinessWeek on the fall of Nokia. It is a fascinating tale of complacency and complete disregard for a changing marketplace. From the article, Nokia’s initial reaction to the iPhone is the most embarrassing example of what went wrong. When Steve Jobs unveiled the device in January 2007, “it was widely disregarded,” says former manager Dave Grannan, who now runs Burlington (Mass.)-based voice recognition company Vlingo. “The attitude was that we’d tried touchscreens before, and people didn’t like them.” …As iPhone sales took off, Nokia remained strangely detached, say a dozen current and former executives. The company didn’t sit still, … Continue reading A Marketing Reminder From Nokia – Stay Paranoid

Yahoo Dropping Delicious Makes Complete Sense – But Not Really

Trying to figure out why Yahoo decided to drop Delicious from their portfolio isn’t hard. It could be because it isn’t growing anymore, doesn’t make any revenue, is no longer hot (hey, its been a long five years since Yahoo bought the company). Cutting products and focusing the company is exactly what Yahoo has to do if it has any hopes of turning itself around (in fact, this is pretty much what they said they were going to do). So, what’s the big deal? While it may have made a good product level decision, dropping Delicious makes no sense when … Continue reading Yahoo Dropping Delicious Makes Complete Sense – But Not Really