Top 10 Marketing Slideshares of 2011

I am a big fan of a Slideshare and I try to sort through the latest business and marketing presentations at least once a week. When I find a great deck I either use Instapaper or Evernote to save it as a resource for future use. 2011 has been a great year for presentations so I wanted to share some of my favorites. With thousands of presentations published in the business category, I am sure I missed a lot of good ones so please add your favorites to the list. Here are my 10 favorite marketing presentations: How storytelling can enhance digital projects … Continue reading Top 10 Marketing Slideshares of 2011

The Art of Being Relevant

The 6th ProductCamp Austin was held over the weekend. For this session I had the privilege of moderating a panel with 3 marketing superstars – Ketan Pandya, Kirsten Knipp, and Bertrand Hazard. The topic of the panel was being relevant. We started the discussion on how to define relevancy and then continued into how to become relevant when you are just getting started. We then spent some time on maintaining relevancy and how to know when it is starting to slip away. Here is a quick session recap from our panelists, We had planned on talking more about career management … Continue reading The Art of Being Relevant

A Great Marketing and Product Book: Different

The one problem I have with the Kindle is that it’s easy to lose track of a book.  Without the physical reminder sitting there, waiting for you to finish it,  it is just too easy to get distracted by another tasty read. This has happened to me more than once and this last time with a very excellent book.  While working on my Product-Pruning post, I went back to my notes on Youngme Moon’s book, Different:  Escaping the Competitive Herd, only to realize that I missed the last chapter.  After finishing it off, I went back and reread several of the chapters. After … Continue reading A Great Marketing and Product Book: Different

Sally Hogshead’s Fascinate

Have you ever waited in a line around the block just to make sure you are first to get the latest shiny new widget? Have you ever ordered something because there is only 44 left at an amazing price and this offer is not found in stores? You have ever paid a more for a particular brand when you could have bought a generic? You might not have realized it at the time but these products were using triggers to turn ordinary messages into something worth paying attention to.  Sally Hogshead covers seven of these triggers in her book Fascinate. As a … Continue reading Sally Hogshead’s Fascinate

Product Camp Austin Recap

Sorry to say it, but if you missed last week’s Product Camp Austin, you missed a great conference. Where else can you see the likes of Tom Grant, Jon Gatrell, Paul Young, Bertrand Hazard, Vicki Flaugher, Tom Evans, Scott Sehlhorst, Kevin Koym, Jose Briones, and many more talk about marketing, product development, and social media (ALL FOR FREE!). The good news is a lot of the presentations are now on the ProductCamp Austin Slideshare group site and there will be another camp this year in early August. Yours truly also presented this year on the topic of building your product story from the start of … Continue reading Product Camp Austin Recap

It’s Not How Good You Are

I stumbled across a gem of a book over the weekend, “It’s Not How Good You Are, Its How Good You Want to Be: The World’s Best Selling Book“. It was one of those books that you pick-up off the shelf and within minutes know you have to buy.  The book was written by Paul Arden, a famous creative director, as an advertising guide but has a lot of sage advice for business and life in general. I put together a presentation with a few of the quotes that are worth sharing: View more presentations from josh duncan.

Product Camp Austin Winter 2009

Have been meaning to post this one from a while, my presentation from Product Camp Austin on Product Management.  The session was a lessons learned  discussion covering customer research, innovation, communications, positioning, politics, delivering results, and other good stuff to know.  The deck is mostly for talking points but there were notes taken during the session posted on the Product Camp wiki here. Product Management – Why Is Everyone Mad At Me View more presentations from jd2374.