The Waterline Principle

I just finished listening to Jim Collins’s new book, “How the Might Fall“.  One of may favorite quotes in the book was on risk management: Bill Gore articulated a helpful concept for decision-making and risk-taking, what he called the “waterline” principle. Think of being on a ship, and imagine that any decision gone bad will blow a hole in the side of the ship. If you blow a hole above the waterline (where the ship won’t take on water and possibly sink), you can patch the hole, learn from the experience, and sail on. But if you blow a hole … Continue reading The Waterline Principle

Worth The Read

Decide go / no-go before buy vs. build Unfortunately, sometimes good product ideas can get stopped in their tracks because of a feeling that it will be too hard to build or partner for it, even though truly the investment would be worthwhile. Conversely, bad products can be brought to market because “it would be easy to do” by building or partnering, when the product maybe should not be launched regardless. The Death Of “Web 2.0″ So why do I say it’s fading? For one, because the number of startups that contact us and include the term Web 2.0 in … Continue reading Worth The Read

Worth The Read

Product Beautiful – Have we Entered the Post-Product Management Economy? Lazy marketers love to have the leading product in a market because they just need to maintain the status quo.  A great marketer likes the challenge of winning with a product that doesn’t necessarily win on all of the features. Influential Marketing Blog – The Rise Of The Shadow Media But regardless of what you call these new sources of news and information, the indisputable fact is that in 2009 there will be many social media examples to point to where the quality is as good if not better than … Continue reading Worth The Read

Worth The Read

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Slogan or Story?

My goal for the day today was to finish a proposal for my site logo. In the mist of this work, I stopped to read Dan & Chip Heath’s article, “Kill the Slogans Dead”, from the latest Fast Company (for some reason I can’t find it online yet). The article got me thinking about whether or not I was just creating a cute tag line or really telling a story with my message. Now, instead of cranking out my RFQ, I am back to reading my copy of Made to Stick and reviewing my work against their guidelines: Simple – … Continue reading Slogan or Story?