Taking Risks With The Startup of You

The Startup of You is a book on career management authored by two successful startup entrepreneurs, Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha. The theme of the book is that you need to take ownership of your career, much like an entrepreneur takes ownership of his/her business, and create a plan to adopt to a changing marketplace (see The End of Business as Usual). While this is not necessarily a new thought, their framework and advice does make sense and sounds very applicable to today’s technology related careers. Here is some of the advice I noted while reading the book: Professional loyalty now flows “horizontally” … Continue reading Taking Risks With The Startup of You

Using Gladwell To Create A Real (Social) Network

Last week I participated in panel discussion on the topic of social-ties and networking.  The inspiration for the talk was Malcolm Gladwell’s controversial article on the impact of social media.  The panel took a marketing view of the topic and the discussion was thought provoking and full of insights. One of my favorite concepts the panel brought up was around the idea of network “repeaters”.  The thought being that if you want an idea to spread, it has to find enough repeaters in the network in order to boost the momentum of the message.  If your idea doesn’t reach the … Continue reading Using Gladwell To Create A Real (Social) Network