Product Storytelling – Don’t Forget the Context

When launching a new product, it is important that customers understand what problems your product is solving. You don’t have time to tell a long story so you need to make sure your message is effective in creating a desire to learn more. This is where context can help. If you are trying to tell a story about your product, context is the background information that helps the scene make sense. Without this context, you leave it up to the customer to figure it out on their own. I recently wrote an article highlighting as an example for setting good background context on their … Continue reading Product Storytelling – Don’t Forget the Context

A Product Launch Disaster in Front of Millions

Everyone wants the rewards that come with a big product launch – tech blogs, news coverage, and a ton of word of mouth leading up to a massive amount of sales. Who doesn’t want everyone talking about your product at launch? So, where to start? If you look at a few of the tech leaders out there at generating launch buzz, it almost seems easy. First you need to keep things super secret – can’t have any details leaking out too soon. Then you need to slowly give out a few hints and clues here and there that something big is … Continue reading A Product Launch Disaster in Front of Millions

You’re Trying Too Hard

How Did You End Up Here? There was a void in your roadmap. Your competitor launched a new product. You had extra budget that needed to be spent. Whatever the reason, there was a gap and the pressure to fill was too great to resist. The good news is that you responded by shipping. You got something out the door and made a big deal about it. Isn’t shipping always a good thing? The bad news was the result. Your customers response varied from “meh” to “yuck“. The market ignored you. Or worse, the market did respond with a “WTF?” and … Continue reading You’re Trying Too Hard

A Product Launch is Like?

Over two years ago now, I wrote a blog post talking about product launch and shared this wonderful quote from Neale Martin, A product launch is like a rocket – you have to break the tremendous inertia that is holding the body at rest. At the time I was working on a global product launch that had a ton of moving pieces and coordination required before it went out the door. Hence the “lots of anticipation followed by a big bang” analogy made a lot of sense. Looking at it now, it feels like the statement isn’t very broad and only really applies to the … Continue reading A Product Launch is Like?